The Fight So Far

17 Oct


Tinley Park has once again decided to try and build a Walmart at 191st and Harlem.  We say no.

Tinley wanted Summit Hill School District 161, Lincolnway High School District 210 and the Frankfort Square Park District to abate taxes on the land.  The school districts were asked to give up all property tax revenues for two and a half years.  The Park District was asked to give up fifty percent of the property taxes for five years.  Only Summit Hill was approached formally and they voted it down flatly.


Because Tinley Park was essentially asking Summit Hill to give up tax revenues to fund Walmart’s development costs.  They were shown no financial studies that offered any reason to believe they would gain from this.  Tinley park and Walmart would make money from day one, but the taxing bodies would have to trust that money would eventually come in.  Should Walmart fail to deliver on Tinley Park’s promises, the taxpayers would bear the burden.

Tinley Park told us that if all three taxing bodies did not agree to the tax abatements, the project would be over, but the day after the Summit Hill vote Mayor Zabrocki was in the newspapers telling us that he won’t give up on Walmart.  He’s looking for another site.

So far Lincolnway High School District 210 and Frankfotr Square Park District have not voted on the issue.  Keep contacting them and letting them know you oppose Walmart in Tinley Park.

Five years ago Tinley Park said no.  We’re saying no today.



10 Oct

There are lots of jobs we need help doing!




For those who wish to show their support by displaying our yard sign, as seen at our face book page

“Unite To Stabilize BSG Property Taxes “, please submit your name and address. The price/cost of the sign is $6. 

For those who cannot go door to door and donate time, we are accepting financial donations to cover printing costs, flyers, and direct mail. 

We must all work together and join resources.


1382830_1420833131473785_732987933_n  Nowalmart

Download and print these as well.

No Tinley Park Walmart!

27 Sep

“Walmart wishes to develop a walmart/sams club super center at 191st and Harlem across from Target. The Village of Tinley Park offered walmart tax abatement as an incentive to develop the property. The resulting abatement and walmart would have a negative impact on home values, crime, local businesses, and quality of life.

As a direct result of the abatement, the assessor’s office, at its discretion can seek those monies from the residences of BSG, Tinley Park, Frankfort, Mokena and Frankfort Square. That means that you, the common home owner will pay Walmart’s share of property taxes..

Lets start with the proposal.  Tinley Park wants Lincolnway School District 210, Summit Hill School District 161 and the Frankfort Square Park District to waive their taxes for two and a half years!  

Tax abatements  present the possibility that residential property taxes would rise.  Though the Village of Tinley Park has assured us that this will not happen, the Will Count Tax Assessor’s office confirmed that a tax break  could be structured so that  taxes for residents rise.  Tax abatements are structured individually by the taxing bodies themselves.  Tinley Park has no authority to make that claim.  When asked about the discrepancy, they have declined to answer in writing.  They are asking  Frankfort Square, Frankfort and Mokena residents to subsidize their profits.

Walmart doesn’t deserve the tax break.  We don’t get any, neither should they.

Increased crime.  Studies show that Walmart Super Centers generate approximately one thousand EMS and Police responses per year For their host communities.  So when they tell us that their tax revenue can be used to hire new Police and Fire personnel, we see that as hiring emergency personnel just to serve them.  That benefits the community in no way.

Walmart pays low wages and offers poor benefits.  Those are not the jobs we want to create.  Click the “Real Cost Of A Walmart” link to the right and read. Walmart moves into an area and local businesses close down.  Opportunities are lost.  What we’re left with is only the chance to work at Walmart.  We want more for ourselves and our kids.

Traffic is driven to a Walmart Supercenter in high volume.  Roads are taxed and infrastructure is worn out.  When nearby Walmart stores close down, the residents are left with no local options since their local businesses have closed, and they have to drive to the next closest Walmart.  Infrastructure repair and maintenance costs would fall to us.

If you agree with our views and oppose a Tinley Park Walmart click HERE and get involved.  Send emails, make phone calls and make your voice heard.